Four Pillars of a Successful Retirement Course- 2 Session Course

2 Session Course 

Are you prepared for one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, transitions in your life?

Retirement is usually seen as life's reward for working hard, supporting a family, and saving your hard-earned dollars. You celebrate with a big party and then move into this exciting, new life stage. Is that how you envision it?

In the past, retirement often meant switching from a paycheck to a pension check, contacting Social Security to get benefits in motion, and maybe supplementing that income with the proceeds from downsizing a home or renting a property.

But times have changed. Retirement can now mean piecing together a big puzzle, composed of a variety of different resources, to ensure you have enough to live on — and maybe have something left to pass on to heirs if that's one of your goals.

Putting together a successful financial strategy for retirement takes very careful thought. Four main factors, in particular, could affect your retirement lifestyle:

  • Social Security, which isn't as straightforward as many people think; you'll need to carefully decide when and how to tap your Social Security benefits.
  • Developing an income strategy that, first and most important, covers your everyday expenses and basic needs; second, funds your “wants”; and third, still leaves as much room as possible for “surprises” such as unexpected medical costs that may crop up.
  • Tax planning, or making sure Uncle Sam doesn't get more than his fair share.
  • And finally, planning for your later years and beyond, especially if one of your objectives is to leave a legacy.

Although we're calling these Four Pillars of a Successful Retirement, keep in mind that no strategy can truly guarantee 100% financial success. However, understanding a little more about the nuances within each of these pillars, and how they relate to each other, can help you become better prepared for what lies ahead.

At this informational course you will receive a 82 page workbook. This full-color resource features information, exercises, and questions designed to help you make sound financial decisions. The workbook was prepared especially for this course and contains information you will want to remember from this presentation.