Women in Retirement- Financial Planning for Women

Retirement for women in many ways is different and they may face unique challenges. This is why we've created this course to address the topics most concerning for women such as

  • Creating the income you may need during retirement to cover your regular living expenses
  • How to navigate through major life changes like divorce or widowship
  • Taxes in Retirement 
  • Sequence of Return Risk 
  • Why addressing the need for long-term care is one of the most important factors to any solid retirement plan.

A very small number of women actually report feeling "fully confident" in their retirement plans. Even worse, the number one complaint from women about their current financial advisor is that they do NOT listen!

You'll walk away from this event feeling confident and armed with the information you'll need to make decisions that will allow you to enjoy these years the way you've always imagined.

Finances can be difficult for many to discuss; however, we create a warm and supportive atmosphere for you to come educate yourself and invest in your future!

Join us for this empowering event that will help build the retirement you want!