Financial Strategies For A Successful Retirement

Are you worried about running out of money in retirement? Do you know what your retirement will cost with inflation and taxes? Are you concerned about market volatility? Get some answers to what may keep you up at night.

Our Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement course is designed to help you align your finances with your values and build wealth for the retirement lifestyle you desire. Whether you're just starting to develop a plan or getting closer to retirement, this course will teach you how to assess costs, evaluate sources of income, manage investment risks, protect your wealth and health, and much more.

Our course is taught by experienced instructors who have educated over 5,000 Central PA residents over the last 2 decades by blending financial education with a holistic life planning approach, focusing on the many aspects of retirement planning beyond just money. You'll learn how to make informed decisions about investments, Social Security, Medicare, taxes, estate planning, insurance, and retirement plans from employers, among other areas.

The course includes a 222-page illustrated textbook, and the fee is $49.00 per couple or waived by the sponsor or host. Enroll now to secure your spot and start planning for a successful retirement! The class is limited in size, so register today to take advantage of this invaluable opportunity. The registration fee goes towards supporting the sponsoring or hosting entities and paying for course costs.

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