Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Purpose of this policy

This policy sets out the circumstance that a participant is entitled to a refund and the procedure a participant must follow to withdraw from a course to get a refund.

Refund Policy

Financial Planning Courses, LLC. refund policy is contingent upon payment of the course registration fee.

Fees must be paid by the start of the first course the participant selects to attend.


The Course Registration Fee is refundable:

  • Where you cancel BEFORE the Course Start Date and have notified Financial Planning Courses LLC
  • Where you withdraw from the Course AFTER the Course Start Date and have not attended any of the course(s) or received any handouts.

How to withdraw from a course and get a refund

  1. Call Financial Planning Courses, LLC at 717-288-1990
  2. Email Financial Planning Courses LLC at

Course Registration Fee usage for courses missed in place of a refund

If a participant, who has paid a course registration fee for a course, cannot attend or was unable to attend and has not attended a course or session the participant can contact Financial Planning Courses LLC and request the course registration fee that was paid be applied to another course offering. If a participant misses a session of a course and has paid their course registration fee they can contact Financial Planning Courses LLC and request to attend another session to make up the session that was missed. Please contact or call 717-288-1990.

Provider default

In cases of provider default, that is, where Financial Planning Courses LLC cancels or stops providing your Course for any reason, Financial Planning Courses LLC will, within 30 days, refund the fees paid for the registration of the course.


In this Refund Policy and as the context requires:

  1. Course Registration Fee” is the fee for registering for the course.
  2. “Course” means the course you have requested and paid to enroll in, or, where you have enrolled in multiple courses as some courses are 3 session courses.
  3. “Course Fees” means the fee for the course you have enrolled in.
  4. “Course Start Date” is the start date for the Course as set out in the mailer you received, online ad or course start dates listed on the web site

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